TrumpetInternational Competition for Junior Trumpet Players
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Tenth International Competition for Junior Trumpet Players

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
4 - 8 November 2019

Short Story

The competition for young trumpet players is established in 1995 as national competition, one of its kind in this area in Bulgaria. From its third edition it's opened for international participation, and ever since the Forth edition it became international on its own. The idea of its creation comes from the trumpet teacher Pencho Penchev, who is also artistic director of the competition. The competition grows up real quick and it gets a lot of international popularity. Participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia and a lot more express their skills in front of the reputable international jury. Especially for the competition Bulgarian composers write trumpet plays, which become mandatory and are preformed by the participants. Those composers are: prof.Aleksander Tekeliev, Kiril Lambov, Petar Petrov, Veselin Karaatanasov, Nikola Takov, Vanya Angelova, Tsveti Dimitrova, Jordan Dafov and Jovcho Krushev. Traditionally, the competition ends with a concert of the laureates and the jury, accompanied by the orchestra of the State Opera Stara Zagora.

/Pencho Penchev/

Edition Year Scale of the competition
I 1995 National
II 1996 National
III 1997 National
IV 2007 National with International participation
V 2009 International
VI 2011 International
VII 2013 International
VIII 2015 International
IX 2017 International
X 2019 International